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'What is Eloise?' Contest!

If you've visit the shop, you've probably met or heard Eloise. She's the welcoming comittee around here. We've also probably talked about what breeds might make up this little spitfire. So, we decided to make a game out of it. 

We want you guys to guess what she is! 

There are a few guidelines..

1. Guess her primary breed. Meaning, whatever she will be the highest percentage of. Feel free to guess more than one breed for fun, but we will only use whatever breed you list first as her primary breed towards the contest.

2. If multiple people guess the correct primary breed, we will put all those breeds into a drawing and randomly choose.

3. Post your guesses in the comments of this post ONLY. Guesses sent to Twitter, Instagram, or anywhere else will not be counted. 

We can't wait to see all your guesses! Have fun!



Have fun!!!


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