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"Let Food Be Thy Medicine And Medicine Be Thy Food"


Here at Cumberland Pet Essentials, it is our passion to help owners keep their pets healthy on the inside and looking beautiful on the outside. We attend continuing educational seminars and conferences throughout the year on pet nutrition and holistic pet health and pet grooming  & styling. 
Our retail store offers a large selection of high quality, healthy pet food and treats including raw, kibble, freeze dried, dehydrated, and canned food. We also sell hypoallergenic treats and grain free treats. We carefully select the brands and companies that we carry in our store choosing companies with a good track record in regards to recalls, manufacturing and quality control. We are here to help owners make educated and healthy choices as to the food and treats they give their pets. Many health problems begin and end with diet.  We are what we eat and so are our pets. 

We regularly publish educational articles on holistic pet health on our Facebook page so like our page by clicking on the link below and stay up to date.

Cumberland Pet  Essentials

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