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Sometimes we stumble upon homeless animals on the side of the road or elsewhere. Sometimes they stumble upon us. Either way we want to help them find loving homes. 


Are you their person?


Our very own Paula has taken these boys home with her!

Update: These two boys have names now. The black one is Capone, because he has a scar on his face. The tabby is Camo, because he looks like camouflage. They are purring and getting used to people. Both of them are coming around nicely.


Two beautiful male kittens were left in a box on our porch at the shop on August 6th. They both have such pretty little faces. The pictures don't do them justice. We've taken in several kittens recently, and have no room for more at this time. They are very scared and will need a lot of love to get them used to people. Would any of you like them? Do you know someone who would? Please share.


To the woman who dumped them, I hope you smiled, because our outdoor video surveillance has you recorded. You've made your responsibility, our responsibility. We'd appreciate it if you would get in touch with us. These kittens need vaccines and leukemia testing, and it would be nice if you'd help out with that. Please share.


Meet Bernice!

Bernice now lives with her new lil momma, Rylee. Don't they make a cute pair?!


Bernice is a grey kitten with some calico markings. She was saved from the side of the road. She was tiny and had a respiratory infection. These days, she's feeling good and loves to be loved. She'll be ready for her new home soon.


The night she was saved, Karen sang "Someone Saved My Life Tonight" by Elton John to her. The song was written by Bernie Taupin. So, that's how Bernice got her name.

If you would like to know more about any of these babies, please call us at: (931) 528-7711

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